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I had a little time this evening until a few minutes ago. However client needs for a meeting tomorrow must come first so I’ll make some brief notes here. BRIEF!

In reviewing resources regarding a lack of strategy in Washington that General Mattis spoke of in his podcast (see previous post), I was lead to several congressional hearings where our military and retired military leaders were requesting planning, strategy and guidelines from Congress.

In specific, both Admiral Rogers, Director of NSA, Commander Cyber Command, and retired Marine General James Cartwright asked for guidelines that define cyber attacks into categories and what actions we can take depending on the seriousness of each category. For example, what constitutes a cyber attack so serious that we go to war over it? Without those definitions and agreement from our allies on these issues we will remain in a defensive position and our ability to protect ourselves will be weakened.

It’s bad enough that our media has undermined public opinion of the NSA over Snowden. People prefer to believe the worst, and the damage Snowden did with the help of mendacious journalists and media outlets will take a long time to repair. In the meantime China and Brazil made 589 attempts yesterday to hack into my Word Press account. To what end? Hey China, Brazil, all hackers, the back doors are closed and my password and logon name are so freaking long and complicated that it took me days to memorize them. Finally, after I was sure I could remember those crazy credentials, I wiped the paper they were written on with a bit of chicken liver and let the dog eat it.

SDBHey China, Brazil – When Smedley, tall, long legged Irish Setter that hunts with vigor, nose down, tail slashing back and forth, passes that piece of paper. . . do you want me to send it to you? Maybe you can make out my login data through the poop stains. With the lack of support our government is giving our protectors, Smedley is about my only line of defense.

More later, the links to hearings are below.

Cyber security threats: the way forward. Witness: Admiral Michael S. Rogers, Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Director, National Security Agency

The Risk of Nation-State Conflict: China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. Witnesses: General James Cartwright, (USMC, ret), Dr. Kathleen Hicks, Dr. Walter Mead testifying. Oddly, this video doesn’t start until 35 minutes in.

Just a Quick Note on Mattis’ Podcast

There is much in this 30 minute speech that those of us who care about our lives, nation, and the world need to know. My question is: Who has the moxey to devise and implement the strategy to awaken Washington D.C.?

I’ll have more to say about this later when I get a breather, but for now you should listen to the podcast to see what I’m talking about – or you can check back after the weekend and see if I’ve found time to delineate things.

I want to know, how do we do the things Jim Mattis talks about? How do we get the attention of enough people who care about more than the latest poll? How do we impress upon our population that this needs to be addressed now? If we continue with our dysfunctional government, we are are headed for a fall we may not recover from. It will, at the very least, be a hardship we leave for our children to deal with.

How do we get our politicians to wake up and do the right thing? I can only write to my congressman/senator so many times before I become the barking, ankle biter, and lose my voice. I could give more to my political party so they would listen to me, but that would take away from my selected charitable giving, selected because our taxes do not do enough to help the precious people I support through these charities (see the sidebar.)

* * *

I fear this will turn into the “Frankenstein Post” as the week progresses and I find more support data to piece in.

Mattis points out that as soon as ISIS gains control over territory about the size of Great Britain, they will have a safe haven, a base from where they can begin to export their terror to the West.

For anyone interested, Rule of Terror: Living Under ISIS in Syria talks about the rise of ISIS in Syria, the impact it has on civilian life, violations against children, and violations against women. I don’t understand why all the feminists have not jumped all over this with the same fury they attack our western men. For a quicker read you can advance to page 13 for the conclusion.

He also states that we must determine why young people are willing to sign up with ISIS and why some wealthy people and corporations fund them. Maha Yahya at the Carnegie Middle East Center has a good Op-Ed concerning this: The Ultimate Fatal Attraction: 5 Reasons People Join ISIS

I’m going to listen to Mattis’ podcast again tonight, for the 3rd time and I’m sure I will hear something new, learn more, and hopefully it will spur my gray matter to action.

The Worsening Situation in the Middle East

First Steps


I am conservative, but not all about being republican, many of my GOP leaders leave me feeling unrepresented (Ted Cruz for one).We need a mix of leaders to successfully serve the nation. But Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, and many other selfish, bombastic, blow-hard democrats have run the country into the ground. I’m hoping dems like Seth Moulton, who won the 6th district congressional seat in Massachusetts, are rational leaders. Moulton’s Marine Corps officer training should have taught him good leadership skills. I’ll be watching his career expecting to see excellence.

Realization of the carnage wrought over the last six years, brought us to yesterday. The elections were but the start of returning America to the strong nation we must be. Obama has weakened our status in the world allowing tyrants to no longer fear us. His impotency has emboldened Putin, the Islamic State and many other tyrannical actors around the world. He has dismissed our allies and given the rest of the world a reason not to trust us.

We need a big change, now. I wish the Prez could resign, but then we’d be left with that imbecilic, trophy husband and father of a coke-head who disgraced our Naval Service, VP. Ugh!

Obama does crazy things like spending $6.2 billion to fight Ebola. While the concept is great, it’s execution would prove to be a huge waste of money.
So I also just wrote to my Congressman, Michael Burgess, and my one senator I trust, John Cornyn, to stop this gross misuse of funds.

First, the $6.2 billion will be squandered and not used effectively to stop Ebola, second, Obama has no real plan and we need a practical, multi-national effort to eradicate this disease. Other countries should bear the financial burden as well. Finally, that money can be used more productively for our military – the one Obama has disrespected for the last six years.

What, give $6.2 billion to our military!?! Yep, that’s where it’s needed the most. After all, Obama has ordered our military to Africa and into the fight against Ebola. So spending the money on our military, by the transitive property, is spending at least some of the money on Ebola. Ooooo, we could take care of our most precious and fight Ebola too! What a concept.

It’s time to get busy repairing the country of all the damage we incurred from having an inexperienced child at the helm. We have to clean up his financial nightmare that further complicates restoring our position as the most powerful nation in the world . . . we have to again let our allies know we have their backs, while putting rabid fear of U.S. retribution into the minds of tyrants.

Leave my generals alone!

Dunford was a lot younger then, a colonel.  Think of all the valuable knowledge he's accumulated since!

Dunford (on the left) was a lot younger in 2003, he was a colonel in Iraq. Think of all the knowledge and contacts he’s accumulated since! He, and all of our generals, have acquired a lifetime of valuable, intangible, assets to our national security.

Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn reportedly told a group of conservative voters that he is quietly working to convince Obama’s top generals to resign.

This conservative, red headed little girl, believes there is a huge difference between stating one general should resign because he knows Obama’s policy toward the Islamic State will fail, and instigating the resignation of many general officers.

One resignation does not cripple our national security, multiple resignations puts the country at risk.

I’m not saying our generals would leave us, on the contrary, since 2001 I’ve seen many stay, in spite of knowing their civilian bosses were making poor decisions. I’m thinking of Rumsfeld and his mismanagement of, well, everything, and of course Fallujah, two battles that would have been much less bloody, or perhaps avoided, if the higher ups had listened to the Marines, specifically that other fellow in the photo with Dunford.

The politician prompting resignations has not served in the military. He’s never ordered troops into battle, never written letters to the families of those who fell under his command. Probably never even attended a ramp ceremony. Yet he’s eager to damage the nation so he can stab at Obama. I’m not liking this at all!

Our politicians have already broadcast to the world that we are weak by allowing the government shutdown last year. Let’s not compound that with another show of weakness. We do not need our generals bailing on us.

We need them to stay, because no matter what happens, our military is our first line of defense. If Obama were gone tomorrow, we would still have our military, our seasoned generals should be in place, controlling as much as they can.

Generals bring much more to the table than people realize. Through joint military exercises with countries across the world, all of our troops, not just the officers, have made lasting, personal, cross-national friendships. Thus, intrinsic to our military, is a capability to communicate with other military personnel around the world outside the political realm. For example, during the Arab Spring, our CENTCOM commander picked up the phone and called the head of the Egyptian military when the political leaders were not taking calls from Obama. We don’t want to give this capability up. It’s a tiny bit of control that is lost when we lose our seasoned officers.

The importance of our generals does not solely reside in their ability to have their recommendations followed at all times, as you can see, it’s far more complicated.

Personally I believe Doug Lamborn has betrayed our country, my heart says the “T” word. His ilk makes me uneasy, trying to make backroom deals with our generals to emasculate our defenses. Remember, the more Obama fails, the more the country fails. That is immutable. Leaving our generals in place, mitigates some of Obama’s failures.

Islamic State – Depriving People of Food & Livelihood

Kurd-Farms-005IS poses a more complex threat than al Qaeda, the Islamist group from which it grew. For most of its existence, al Qaeda has focused on hit-and-run attacks and suicide bombings. But Islamic State sees itself as both army and government.

Taking farmland and crops, depriving the people of their food and livelihood. Air power won’t solve this. Bombing will destroy fields and infrastructure. Only infantry can deal with this.

How to accomplish this with the least loss of our most precious treasure? Only our generals know, because our politicians are poor leaders, they haven’t learned from history, and can’t stop thinking about how to stay in office long enough to consider real solutions. Honestly, our politicians are a joke. If we continue down this road the wheat fields of Kansas will be next.

For those who don’t know, and think Obama is our most precious treasure, NOT! Our military is our most precious treasure. The men and women who fight for us, and die for us, and change their lives forever for us.

Islamic State – tip of iceberg

Lord Ashdown speaks of reasonable solutions. He may not have all the answers, but who does? Our politicians need to consider what he says. People, diplomatic, military and political, need to come together and plan, and then when things change, they need to adapt the plan and not whine about it.

This is about a widening regional conflict between the Sunni and Shia. The coalition should look like Bush I, NOT Bush II.

As my Favorite Four Star (ret) says, the military can be used to help smooth diplomacy without ever firing a shot. A recent example was the multinational minesweeping exercise in the Persian Gulf that prevented Iran from mining the waterways of the Middle East. CENTCOM did this two years in a row. No violence needed, just a show of consolidated muscle.

Lord Ashdown is a former Special Boat Services officer, the UK counterpart and forerunner to US Navy SEALS. SBS is manned by members of the Royal Marines and Royal Navy. These are true warriors who have an educated opinion on how and when to use military might for the best outcome.

Grrr, the Reuters video in iframe automatically started when the page loaded so I just linked to the photo below instead. Click Lord Ashdown’s photo to hear him speak on this matter. He’s worth listening to.


Time to Reinstate MotoMail

Last year MotoMail was discontinued due to budget cuts. It cost the Marine Corps a $400,000 a year and usage had dwindled along with deployments. Well, now that ISIS/ISIL has something to say about how many deploments we’ll be experiencing, it’s time to start the program again or at least be ready to emplace it on short notice.

Rational Americans, Irrational President

Do not take “boots on the ground” off the table regarding ISIS (AQI, ISIL). Don’t take any element we have off the table, not military, not diplomatic. That is the advice of our most distinguished four star generals, of Ambassador Crocker, and many “think tank” experts.

The men and women who care about our security, as well as that of the entire world, are doing everything within legal bounds to move this country in the right direction. Instead of taking the advice of our experts, Obama is taking a poll.

General Zinni is right when he says in his interview that good leaders do what’s right, even if it’s unpopular. Our current president is not a good leader. In fact, every member of the committee spoke to Mattis as if he were still in command. Wishful thinking on their part? Perhaps he should be our president.

Here are videos of two of these great men, General James N. Mattis, USMC (ret) and General Anthony Zinni, USMC (ret). They both commanded CENTCOM, they both have great intellect regarding national security matters, they both have the respect of Middle East leaders. The president should take the advice of these men. He should also unleash General John R. Allen, USMC (ret) and let him make a success of our international effort against ISIS.

You can read my Favorite Four Star’s testimony or watch the video below. James N. Mattis testimony before the House Intelligence Committee 09/18/2014

I bought General Zinni’s book, Before the First Shots Are Fired: How America Can Win Or Lose Off The Battlefield, last night after I watched this video. General Zinni speaks strongly about our moral interest in fighting ISIS. He’s quite correct.

My comments on : Why Women Do Not Belong in the U.S. Infantry By Capt Lauren F. Serrano

The prowess of our military female is not in question. They can kick ass.

Members of the I Marine Expeditionary Force Female Engagement Team perform combat marksmanship training with their M4 Carbine assault rifles at range 407 here, Oct. 26. The training is designed to develop, sustain and improve individual defensive combat shooting skills in preparation for their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan.

Members of the I Marine Expeditionary Force Female Engagement Team perform combat marksmanship training with their M4 Carbine assault rifles at range 407 here, Oct. 26. The training is designed to develop, sustain and improve individual defensive combat shooting skills in preparation for their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan.

A well considered, professionally crafted essay by Captain Lauren F. Serrano, USMC. Why Women Do Not Belong in the U.S. Infantry

It’s a fact of nature that women do not belong in combat units alongside men. You cannot legislate biology, although “politically correct” politicians use the rhetoric of women’s equality in combat to secure their own political power. They do it at the expense of our war fighters, and they don’t care about needless injuries, deaths, rapes, success of our combat units, or our national security, as long as they get re-elected.

With that said – make no mistake, if you take away our men and make it so women have to do combat, we’ll annihilate the enemy. Female Marines are quite capable of closing with the enemy and being deadly, even if they may sustain more injuries. The resolve and prowess of our female warriors is not in question, female intellect is not less than that of our males. This is a practical matter of the biology of the sexes.

If you don’t want to read the whole essay, please read the conclusion below.


Marine Corps infantry is not broken, so let’s not “fix” it. Women should be incorporated into the infantry if they can provide additional support to the infantry mission, thus filling a gap in the needs of the Marine Corps. Until that gap is identified, I do not believe it is in the Nation’s interest to allow women in the infantry. Most importantly, the incorporation of women takes time away from training, jeopardizes readiness, and puts undue strains and requirements on the unit. National leadership should be more concerned with ensuring the Marine Corps infantry units are as strong as possible to fight our Nation’s battles, not with avoiding a difficult EO debate, promoting a particular political agenda, or maintaining a certain public image. Above all, preserving national security should be the driving factor of infantry policy change.

Now, on to care packages.

We are prepositioning troops in Kuwait. Obama won’t call it prepositioning, but that’s what it is. This means it’s time to ramp up support of our troops. I’ve started laying in supplies and making things that my Marines have requested over the last decade, my unique sewing kit, my combat pillow, and I’ve started testing a new berry, nut, coconut, protein power bar recipe. They’re only for my “cookie monster” Marines I’ve known forever, they ask for them. Please don’t send homemade food to our warriors unless you know them.

Drop by and get names and addresses. Send Marty some money so he can maintain his great site.

Write good letters. See my post here on that subject.

Retired Marine General John Allen Still Serving – Thank God!

Allen visits DFIP Photo credits at the end of this post.

According to The Military Times: Former Afghanistan commander John Allen to coordinate Iraq, Syria effort.

Obama has had the counsel of two other exceptional Marine four stars, James L. Jones, and James N. Mattis. He disrespected their expertise and tossed them aside. Do you suppose he’ll give Allen the respect he is due? Will he listen to this experienced Marine?

Lord I hope so! We’re in serious trouble with the Islamic State and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. More on that later.

Godspeed General Allen.

Photo credits:
Photo by Staff Sgt. Faiza Evans taken 04.14.2012
U.S Marine Corps Gen. John R. Allen, commander, International Security Assistance Force, visited the Detention Facility in Parwan, April 14, 2012, to observe the Detainee Review Board process and to award deserving service members with his commander coin. Guiding the ISAF commander through the visit was the command team that oversees all detention operations in Afghanistan, Lt. Gen. Keith M. Huber, commander, Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435; Air Force Brig. Gen. Dash Jamieson, deputy commander, CJIATF 435; Michael J. Scionti, civilian deputy, CJIATF 435 and Col. Robert M. Taradash, commander, Task Force Protector. This is Allen’s first visit to the DFIP since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the U.S. and Afghanistan March 9. The MoU calls for the transfer of detention operations from U.S. to Afghan control by Sept. 9. In this photo Allen, Navy Capt. Scott J. Laurer, legal operations director, CJIATF 435 and Taradash tour the facility.