Priceless Treasure Violently Destroyed, Freedom Raped – Chattanooga

Will the violent attack on our military in Chattanooga, where four of my precious Marines and one of my precious Sailors were murdered, spark serious backlash in the US against Americans who practice Islam? I know it pounds at my center of reason, the part of me that says we must protect our freedom of religion.

Our military cannot be targets on our own soil and we do not need more unrest within our borders, what we need are leaders, politicians, and media who can bring us together.

We’re short on rational politicians, and Muslim leaders in America who make statements that they do not condone this kind of violence are simply doing no good. Their fleeting words do absolutely nothing to counter the influence of ISIS, al Qaeda, the Taliban and other terror organizations over people who may be turned to violence in the name of Islam.

I’m not saying Muslim leaders are directly responsible for this shooting, but I am saying that they can exert influence over those who may be swayed by terrorist propaganda by actively and publicly teaching against extremism. But they don’t, and the question I have is why?  Why aren’t they vigorously working to counter this kind of violence against their country and military in the name of their faith? Until they do, distrust of Muslims in America will continue to expand.

The United States is awash in irrational, impotent, bombastic, leaders and wannabes, people like Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Claire McCaskill. Not one of them are capable of uniting the country, indeed not, they focus their attention on dividing us with their faux outrage and extreme attitudes. They don’t care if America is standing strong in 100 years as long as they get their fame and power now.

We’re also up to our necks in media who love nothing more than to tear our country apart because it sells advertising and gives some journalists a rush as they control people’s emotions and sway public opinion.

No wonder some of us want James N. Mattis for President!

Rest in peace my magnificent Marines and Sailor. You will always be remembered in my heart and my home.


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